A Fantastic Video on Writer’s Block by Ben Watts and Ivan Kander


Writing is always hard. Despite innumerable stories that I have written across the years, I am always facing the terror of first draft every time I write. People who spend their majority of waking hours writing understand the feeling of  being overwhelmed by the whiteness of a blank Microsoft word document ( or a blank of piece of paper if you are a conventional writer). Even when we eventually overcome the terror of first draft, what first comes out of our minds is not the sentence that we have visualized earlier. The first sentence is often times a maimed, messy, incomplete sentence. Then we start questioning our ability as writers and suddenly two hours later or days or months after tirelessly honing our crafts despite the debilitating self-doubt, inspiration arrives elegantly and spoils the story that we have been wanting to write.

Every new writing project always brings me a new sensation of joy and anxiety. However, writing is the only interesting activity that I have found to keep my brain alive. There is no choice of quitting this thing that has made me able to awake my awareness of myself and my relationship with people, places, and time.

Ben Watts (Vimeo) and Ivan Kander (Vimeo)–the two intelligent film makers captured precisely the feeling of writer’s block through the epic short video that they have made from 53 short clips of movies across genres.

Please enjoy!

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